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 · Explorer Gas Mask and Oxygen Tank So you can have oxygen when mining. Oxygen tanks are available from the tank storage unit, and can be worn on your suits storage slot. You can also use your emergency oxygen tank which can be placed on your suit. Running out of oxygen is unlikely with the full sized tank. Meson Scanners and Automatic Mining Scanner

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 · Security Gas Mask has a hidden aggressiveness setting. Higher aggressiveness equals meaner "shitcurity" shouts coming out when the HALT-feature is used. Use a screwdriver to change it from lowest (first) to highest (last) setting. For maximum aggressiveness, use wirecutters. Note that this can't be reset once you wirecut it.

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 · Standard operating level. No suspected, or immediate threat to the station. All departments may carry out work as normal. Suit sensors are not required to be on. Security may have weapons visible but they must be holstered. Security may not wear specialized body armor. Crew members may freely walk in the hallways.

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 · The Gas Mask is one of the two items to be used with an oxygen tank to be able to breathe in Airless environments, the other being the Medical Mask. NOTE: these items will only be useful in pressurised Environments. use a Space suit and Jetpack for complete space exploration. see Howto:Survive an airless Environment for more information. --Jakkarra 20:01, …

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A full-face gas mask is much more effective than a simple mouth and nose shield. When it comes to performance and protection, a full-face mask respirator really is the only way to go. Our list of the 10 Best Gas Masks will help you narrow down …

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 · CANBOMBS REE: step 1: place 2 o2 cans and 1 plasma can onto the mixing port. step 2: open the valve. step 3: set the input pumps to 1 and the output pumps off. step 4: take a air pump, set it to out, set the pressure to .001, wrench it to the connector port on the lower chamber, and turn it on.

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 · Gas mask: Basically the same function as a breath mask, but with the added bonus of protecting you from pepper spray, acid sprays to the face, etc. Also keeps you on your feet a little longer in high concentrations of N2O, so make sure you have one in your inventory if not on your face for roleplay reasons.

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 · Security Gas Mask: Found in: Armory, Head of Security's locker Used for: Internals, shout very loud at the criminals. Strategy: Put it on and use it like a regular mask for internals, use the HALT-feature in the upper left corner to shout at criminals.

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 · mask. facehugger/ toy - Mining Equipment Vendor Items; frog mask - frog mask - reeee!! yogs/ clown wig and mask - An undroppable mask that changes the user's speech to be unintelligable. Happy Cluwne Mask - Togglable cluwne mask that has a small chance to turn the user into a cluwne or create a floor cluwne with the user as a target; neck/ Warm ...

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 · Security Gas-Mask: Equipment Room: Provides face protection and a hailer. Functionally equivalent to a regular gas-mask, but with the added ability of shouting a variety of phrases at fleeing suspects. Use the button in the top-left of your screen to change phrases. Emag it for a secret phrase! Holobadge: Warden's Office: Provides ...

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 · Security Gas-Mask Гардероб СБ Предоставляет защиту лица и позволяет воспроизводить заложенные фразы ... О SS220 Paradise Wiki (SS13) Отказ от ответственности ...

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 · Frightened, I grab a gas mask and oxygen tank and take refuge in the maintenance ducts. Radio chatter indicates that they have summoned a dark god, or possibly two . In any case, the hull is breached nearby and I collapse in the extreme cold, and then am sucked into a massive singularity, along with most of the rest of the station.

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 · The Armoury is a special room for all the special situations where the standard taser and stun baton won't do, namely riots.By default, only Head of Security can enter this room and use its contents. In times of great need, the Head of Security or three Security personnel with Security Equipment access (e.g. Security Officer, Captain, but not Detective) can use the …

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 · About SS13. Space Station 13 is a paranoia-laden roleplaying game set against the backdrop of a nonsensical, metal death trap masquerading as a space station.

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 · By default, it has pepper spray inside, which causes people without eye protection (IE sunglasses, a gas mask) to be stunned for a very short amount of time. Refill it with the wall dispensers located near the security lockers. File:Helmet.pngHelmet - Protects your head, duh. Greatly reduces the effect of flashbangs, so that you won't go deaf ...

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 · /tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types /tg/ Station 13 Modules (1639 modules, 3379/11283 macros, 29.9%) Skyrat Map Information. map_files - SKYRAT MODULAR MAPS; code. __DEFINES - This folder is full of #define statements. They are similar to constants, but must come before any code that references them, and they do not take up memory the way …

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 · Added monkeysuit mask to the black-market shop. Added a camera to the AI Upload Foyer. Added missing to telecoms storage. Added packs of cards to the library, bar, prison, spare office, and maint. bar. Replaced combat gloves in security gear room with normal black "security" gloves. Removed duplicated intercom in the chapel.

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 · You can argue the gas mask can go in your armor slot, satchel, etc. but there is opportunity costs associated cuz space is limited. I personally prioritize having two guns, ammo, and meds. I've seen people use the gasmask and m56 extremely well, but again, it's an opportunity cost and whether it's worth or not is up to the player.

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 · Breath mask Плотно прилегающая маска, которую можно подключить к источнику воздуха Equipment 3 Toxins - 120 Металла 80 Стекла Welding Gas Mask Противогаз со встроенными сварочными очками и защитной маской.

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 · • 2x Защитный противогаз (Security Gas Mask) Служба Безопасности (Security) Ящик с оглушающими дубинками Stun Batons Crate 10 • 3x Оглушающая дубинка () Служба Безопасности (Security) Ящик с тазерами Stun Guns Crate 15

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 · A closer look at SS13 player dynamics. Page: 1 2. ID:40937 . Mar 29 2008, 2:01 am (Edited by moderator on Mar 29 2008, 2:03 am) Keywords: review. Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r. This review contains stories of player experience as well as a review to the game itself. - BYOND RPG

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 · gas_leaker - A component to leak gas over time from damaged objects with gas storage geiger_sound - Atoms with this component will play sounds depending on nearby radiation genetic_damage - Genetic damage, given by DNA consoles, will start to deal toxin damage past a certain threshold, and will go down consistently.

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 · Security Gas Mask: Found in: Armory, Head of Security's locker Used for: Internals, shout very loud at the criminals. Strategy: Put it on and use it like a regular mask for internals, use the HALT-feature in the upper left corner to shout at criminals.

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 · - Fill sec with n2o (lower sec maint to the left is an atmos station. Turn on the valves to flood the station with n2o. Make sure to use the gas mask and the o2 tank. Well and thats it. Thats the farthest I've gotten. FREEEEEEEEDOMMMMM!!! Another method from Spacegargamel

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 · SS13's robust atmospheric system has been simplified, but you will still have to be wary of the air around you. To quickly check whether or not you can take off that gas mask, you can use an atmos analyzer or the built-in version on your PDA.. Gas comes in four storage containers: emergency tanks (can fit on the belt or in a pocket), ordinary tanks (can fit on the …

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 · The Jet Pack is a piece of equipment used in combination with a space suit in order to move around in unpressurised environments - generally outside the space station itself. The jet pack contains its own oxygen supply as well as allowing you to move around in space, so you don't need to take a separate oxygen tank with you. First, pick up the Jet Pack by clicking on …

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 · Security Gas Mask Hailer Ящики охраны. Для раздражения всего и вся. Меняет фразы с обычных, на оскорбления и мат. Light replacer У уборщика, в протолате Для создания хаоса или убийства.

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 · Security Gas Mask: Found in: Armory, Head of Security's locker Used for: Internals, shout very loud at the criminals. Strategy: Put it on and use it like a regular mask for internals, use the HALT-feature in the upper left corner to shout at criminals.

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 · Mestel Safety offers Gas Masks, multipurpose filters, personal protection equipment, PPE solutions. Most popular models: SGE 150, SGE 400/3, SGE 400/3 BB.

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 · Security backpack - The default backpack that security officers spawn with. Stylish and robust looking. Satchel Functionally identical to backpack and somewhat less common. Comes as a selectable option in the character creation menu. Satchel - Plain ol' grey satchels are found in personal lockers and can be seen around the station.

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 · 2x security gas mask 2x military assault belt 2x combat gloves . Armory WT-550 Auto Rifle Single-Pack 2000 1x WT-550 Auto Rifle. Armory Small item: WT-550 Auto Rifle Crate 3500 2x WT-550 Auto Rifle. Armory WT-550 Auto Rifle Ammo Crate 3000 4x wt550 magazine (4.6x30mm) Armory WT-550 Auto Rifle Ammo Single-Pack